Ninth Quiet Night In

On Saturday 14th October Bristol Expanded Experimental Film (BEEF) invited us to their home at The Brunswick Club, Bristol, for an afternoon playing the scores of Pauline Oliveros and an evening concert of quiet music.


Fifteen of us played five text scores by Pauline Oliveros, the musical visionary and pioneer of deep, active listening (1932 – 2016). The scores prompted us to create music without learning or reading notes, in a free way of music making that is reliant on ways of listening and responding. For much more about Pauline Oliveros and her musical world see her official website

The five scores we played:

From unknown silences

One sound once

Rock piece


Sound piece


John Lely Desk Bells desk bells (performed by Billie Harbottle)

Frank Denyer A Woman Singing solo voice (sung by Sarah Owen)

Antoine Beuger keine fernen mehr  (soft whistling by Emma Welton

John Cage Litany for the whale  (sung by Sarah Owen and Emma Welton)

Jürg Frey Un champ de tendresse parsemé d’adieux (leaves, small stones and soft whistling by Nick Janaway, Billie Harbottle, Daniel Cray, Sarah Owen and Emma Welton)

Emma Welton & the Ensemble THE END (reading, brooms and brushes)


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