Seventh Quiet Night In


Friends Meeting House, Wynards Lane, Magdalen Street, Exeter EX2 4HU

Friday 14th July, 7.30pm

This Quiet Night In is a departure from our usual concert presentation: we invite you to perform with us.

We’ll be playing five text scores by Pauline Oliveros, the musical visionary and pioneer of deep, active listening (1932 – 2016). The scores prompt us to create music without learning or reading notes, in a free way of music making that is reliant on ways of listening and responding.

The five scores:

From unknown silences

One sound once

Rock piece


Sound piece

Tickets are free, but please book via Eventbrite:

We’ll then send you the text scores so you can have a think about them before the performance. You’ll need to decide on some sound-making objects and/or instruments to bring.

If you want to come but you’d like help with preparing we’d be very happy to answer questions or offer guidance.

For much more about Pauline Oliveros and her musical world see her official website


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