Fourth quiet night in

Our fourth quiet night in, on 6th November 2015 at the Devon and Exeter Institution at the request of Wendy Smith, was supported by the Composer-Curator Programme from Sound and Music, the national charity for new music. The venue was the Institution’s 200 year old library, and the audience was seated among the books, some lucky listeners on extremely comfortable leather armchairs.

One audience-member described the concert as ‘Thoroughly enjoyable: intellectually challenging and yet also very calm and relaxing. Great venue and a beautifully curated programme.’

The programme featured:

John White ‘Newspaper Reading Machine’

Antoine Beuger ‘Landscapes of Absence’ (with film by Els van Riel)

‘Ark’ a brand new piece by Emma Welton composed for the evening, and for the Institution

Laurence Crane ‘Riis’

The pieces were performed by Victoria Cornet Loram (clarinet, newspapers and voice) Sarah Moody (cello, sonography and voice), Sarah Owen (voice and sonarian) Emma Welton (viola, hammond organ and voice), Tony Whitehead (glockenspiel, sonarian and voice) and we were joined by members of the Devon and Exeter Institution for ‘Newspaper Reading Machine’.


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