Sixth Quiet Night In

Very pleased to announce that the programme for our sixth Quiet Night In is all about voice. It’s at the Friends Meeting House in Exeter on Saturday 19 March at 7:30 and will include …

James Saunders
Each will appear or not appear (voice and two bowed strings)

Alvin Lucier
Wave Songs (soprano and pure wave oscillators)

Catherine Lamb
of animal (voice and viola solo)

John Cage
Litany for the Whale (2 voices)

Sarah Owen
Compact Mirror (CD players)

Alice Kemp
inhale as if to speak (solo performer)
cupped hands vessel (performers)

Tony Whitehead
shhhh (two performers)
What can’st thou say (solo performer)

There may be one or two tweaks, and perhaps one extra piece to add in.

Tickets £10 (£6 under 18’s, MU & ISM members, full-time students) from Exeter Phoenix 01392 667080 Or on the door.

Fifth quiet night in

Our fifth quiet night in, on Friday 29th January 2016, 7.30pm at Spacex Gallery, Preston Street, Exeter is the second of three supported by the Composer-Curator Programme from Sound and Music, the national charity for new music. The venue will be the white-walled main gallery space, with the sounds of central Exeter all around.

The programme will feature:

with the same material, or still, to vary the material
Time, Intent, Memory
The Distance Between You and I (new work)
Grade Two

Performed by Emma Welton (double bass), Ruth Molins (flute/alto flute), Andrew Gillet (violin), Jeremy Loysen (trombone), Hugh Nankivell (Chinese moon guitar) and Tony Whitehead (breath and objects).

Also, Tony will be performing a selection of short Fluxus pieces.

Tickets £10 (£6 under 18’s, MU & ISM members, full-time students) from Exeter Phoenix 01392 667080 Or on the door.

Fourth quiet night in

Our fourth quiet night in, on 6th November 2015 at the Devon and Exeter Institution at the request of Wendy Smith, was supported by the Composer-Curator Programme from Sound and Music, the national charity for new music. The venue was the Institution’s 200 year old library, and the audience was seated among the books, some lucky listeners on extremely comfortable leather armchairs.

One audience-member described the concert as ‘Thoroughly enjoyable: intellectually challenging and yet also very calm and relaxing. Great venue and a beautifully curated programme.’

The programme featured:

John White ‘Newspaper Reading Machine’

Antoine Beuger ‘Landscapes of Absence’ (with film by Els van Riel)

‘Ark’ a brand new piece by Emma Welton composed for the evening, and for the Institution

Laurence Crane ‘Riis’

The pieces were performed by Victoria Cornet Loram (clarinet, newspapers and voice) Sarah Moody (cello, sonography and voice), Sarah Owen (voice and sonarian) Emma Welton (viola, hammond organ and voice), Tony Whitehead (glockenspiel, sonarian and voice) and we were joined by members of the Devon and Exeter Institution for ‘Newspaper Reading Machine’.

Third quiet night in

Our third, and most ambitious quiet night in, on 25 June 2015 at St Matthews Church, Exeter, featured a ten piece ensemble. The programme featured:

Antoine Beuger ‘Lieux de Passage’
Joanna Bailie ‘Artificial Environments’
Short piano pieces by Howard Skempton
James Saunders ‘imperfections on the surface may occasionally be apparent’
John White ‘Drinking and Hooting Machine’
‘Your Hearing Test’- a brand new piece by Hugh Nankivell composed for the evening

The pieces were performed by Charlie Sheppard-Vine, Ruth Molins, Andrew Gillett, James Mitchell, Alex Wilson, Emma Welton, Hugh Nankivell, Tony Whitehead and other guests

Second quiet night in

The second quiet night in was held on 27 November 2014 at Hope Hall in Exeter and featured the following pieces:

James Tenney “For percussion perhaps, or ….”

John Lely “Desk bells”

James Saunders “any one part can replace any other part”

Christian Wolff “Stones”

and Music Machine 34, a new piece by Exeter based composer Simon Belshaw written especially for A Quiet Night In (for double bass, melodica and Casio Digital Horn)

All pieces preformed by Emma Welton, Simon Belshaw and Tony Whitehead.

First quiet night in

The first quiet night in was held at The Mint, Exeter, 8pm Thursday 23rd October 2014

The programme consisted of:

Morton Feldman Intermission 6 performed by Rebecca Willson

Christian Wolff Sticks performed by Tony Whitehead

Alvin Lucier Music for piano with magnetic strings performed by Emma Welton

Howard Skempton Piano piece 1969 performed by Rebecca Willson

Alvin Lucier Nothing is real (strawberry fields forever) performed by Emma Welton

Laurence Crane Piano duet no 3 performed by Rebecca Willson and Emma Welton

James Saunders With the same material, or still, to vary the material performed by Emma Welton, Rebecca Willson and Tony Whitehead

Howard Skempton 2nd Gentle Melody performed by Rebecca Willson